Toby, Trucks and Trouble - Re-enacment {All 4 Stories!}

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MAVIS AND THE LORRY: Mavis was away to Repairs after She had an Accident with the Lorry that Crashed into her Front Cowcather and fell into the Ditch.

TOBY'S SEASIDE HOLIDAY: While Mavis is Absented, Toby is doing the Jobs well as usual but someday he would have the Holiday aswell, his wish comes true as He was announced that He was the Speical Attraction.

After that, He had been Repainted and given the Special Bell, On his Way, He helped some Engines which is in Trouble (like Old Engine having some Weak Steam!), But The Next Morning while Toby looked at the Sight of the Seaside, his Driver and Fireman tells him that He's been too Smart and Showed the Branchline up which made him realised and sad, until He was announced to get back to Work which He finally felt Better.

BULSTRODE: it's Percy to the Rescue!, as the Grumpy Burge called Bulstrode having the Nasty Arguement with the Trucks of not being loaded. When Percy taking the Stone Truck away to Help Bulstrode, Some of the Trucks' couplings broke and breakaway towards Bulstrode!

After the Accident which gave Bulstrode a taste of his own medicine, Everything is sorted out and he wasn given a punishment as the Plaything for the Beach where some Children playing with him.

TOBY TAKES THE ROAD: Terence boasts Percy and Toby that They should be having roads instead of rails. But Dispite of that, while Mavis is still being repaired, Toby was handling his Jobs well and was Right on Time.

Until Winter, when He came back to the Quarry (Where Mavis had her Accident with the Lorry), The Rails were Swelled during the night and He came off the Track and into the Road!, Few Minutes Later He was Rescued again, After Mavis came home, Toby told the Fat Controller after Terence's Boasts about Roads better than Rails, He told Toby that He leave the Roads where they should be made for and He stay on Rails (Which made him more Confiable), Toby felt happy to agree!

Enjoy! :)


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