Jim Morrison of the Doors Miami Trial news reel

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Jim Morrison of the Doors Miami Trial news reel


The statement Jim gives in the middle really points out the problem: He was being an artist, not an entertainer. Not even all the fans got this. Sometimes there's no difference, but that's why Jim was driven the way he was. Hmm...I wonder what those little parrots who are full grown now think of the MIami Jim DIDN'T create!
By Morrisonia 4 years ago
What's funny, that no one felt the need to mention, is that all of the kids that they had give a statement, were the children of public officials a police chief a judge. Also it took several days before the Dade County Sheriff's office took out the Warrants. Most of the people there never saw Jim whip it out cause he never did whip it out. He was a Great entertainer who unfortunately asked to many questions for the man so they tried to drag him through the streets. He was a unique and cosmic being One of a Kind. R.I.P. Jim
By papapine 4 years ago
Oh am gonna say the Doors were disgusting and get them into a lot of shit. All those people who cried foul against Jim should be ashamed of themselves, in many live concerts i have heard the crowd actually shout for Jim to get it out or i'll do it for you Jim, that was the beauty of going to see the doors you never knew what Jim was going to do next and then i think it became his downfall and he nearly had a nervous breakdown because of it, Skum Bags, he didn't even get it out he knew what he was doing he was for once wearing Boxer Shorts which he never done and after the incident he told Bill Siddons he knew what he was doing and whoever stopped him did not have the faith in Jim which he had in all of them. Meaning his road crew Bill Siddons, Pamela Curson Paul Ferrara, Bruce Botnik all the people who were around him at the time who he loved and they loved him..........
By five-2-one 5 years ago