Cougar Do's and Don't's

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  • Add to “Cougar” do’s and “Cougar” don’t’s. Don’t underestimate him because of his age. Just because he’s younger, don’t think he doesn’t know what time it is. Guys these days are often very saavy – sexually and otherwise. Don’t compete with younger women. He’s with you because of your age, not despite your age. If he wanted to be with someone younger, he would be. Don’t buy gifts too soon. You’ll look like you’re trying to buy him and you set yourself up as a sugar mama, instead of a lover or girlfriend. Don’t make the finances your sole responsibility. Just because you may make more money, doesn’t mean you always have to pay. He’s still a man, and men instinctually want to provide – it makes them feel good, it makes them feel like men. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to be used. Don’t show him off as a prize to your family and friends. He’s not a show dog. Don’t turn him into slave boy. Just because he’s handy to have around, doesn’t mean he has to take care of everything that needs fixing around the house – unless of course that’s what he wants to do. Don’t have a know-it-all attitude. Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you know everything. He’ll know about things you don’t. You’ll come across as condescending and that’s never an attractive quality. Don’t try too hard to fit in with his friends. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. You’re not doing anything wrong. Cougar Do’s Do be independent. Do be sexually saavy. Do be confident. Do dress sexy but classy. Do know what you want. Do ask for what you want. Do be open to new experiences. I’m Lucia your cougar expert for, happy hunting, thanks for watching.