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    Kobe bryant jumps over a moving Aston Martin


    by 20PoundINC

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    bu adam inanılmaz aynı zamanda sorunluuu
    By mehmet_kerem7 years ago
    Anthony Charles Dallo
    Good fake .
    By Anthony Charles Dallo8 years ago
    This is actually a very good fake and to be honest I am only "mostly" sure it's a fake. The easy way to tell if it's fake is to look at the top edges of the car as it passes through the frame --that's where "the mess" would be. However, I found "no mess" but I still believe it's fake because the light pole shadow is MUCH bigger on the car as it passes through indicating the car pass was shot earlier. BTW there are two people in car on both shots, look close. The other reason I tend to think this is bogus is because I think it's crafty "viral advertising" just to get the stupid sneakers internet advertising. Good job Nike you probably will get a couple of kids killed trying to do this stunt.
    By magichour8 years ago