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    01 blacks worm

    John Reis

    by John Reis

    Black Velvet Universe
    (developed off of )
    When the Chipteran engineer aboard the Royal Sumerian
    Barge cracked the wrong valve he sent the pyrimid spaceship
    spinning out of control and plunging towards Earth's
    surface.Though the Royal Princess and her courtiers got off
    the stricken craft in the evacuation the Keeper of the Royal
    Artifact left it aboard the abandoned doomed starship.
    Everyone aboard the lifeboats watched as the
    disintegrated craft blazed its way over Ultima Thule and
    ploughed a 50 mile long and mile deep trench in a Greenland
    glacier before the wreck settled into the permafrost.Though
    the upheaval of dust and water into the atmosphere would
    lead to the fall of the Roman Empire,the enslavement of the
    Britons and the collapse of the Mayan priest-god,the Royal
    Princess was concerned about the return of the Royal

    Hence the Chipteran and his engine room crew
    were banished to Earth whilst the Royal Princess and
    her retinue took the lifeboats back to the Sumerian
    Space Empire.The orders to the Chipteran and his
    shape shifting dragon ladies and giants,trolls,ogres
    and insectoid relatives?"Don't come back without the
    Royal Artifact!
    And so the aliens proceeded to meddle in Earth
    affairs for the next 14 centuries.