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    The chant - Morton 1926

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    The Chant – Red Hot Peppers 1926

    In September 1926 pianist Jelly Roll Morton, who once claimed being the inventor of jazz, recorded in their first recording session with his Red Hot Peppers just three tunes. Black Bottom Stomp, Smoke House Blues and The Chant., here presented.
    A challenging piece of music. Some 50 years later in 1976 we played the tune as well during a TV show in Toronto. I remember it not to be that easy and with our new clarinet player Jim Buckmann, a professional, we actually mangaged to get it down reasonably well. See it at
    At that time in the Morton band were the following jazz masters: George Mitchell cornet, Omer Simeon clarinet, Kid Ory trombone, Jelly Roll Morton piano, Johnny St.Cyr banjo, John Linday bass and Andrew Hilaire drums