WCW Fall Brawl 2000 Part 17

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From 24/7

Part 17


Borash is doing the ring announcing because they dubbed over Michael Buffers voice.. Don't know why.
By Soldier981 6 years ago
wow booker t looks differetnt lol
By wobblybob22 6 years ago
borash worked for wcw before tna
By wobblybob22 6 years ago
i wish eric bischoff would go to tna and russo would leave then maybe tna would be watchable again...if you notice russo is doing a lot of the same storylines he did in wcw in tna
By justin295711 6 years ago
o look its russo the wrestling killer
he help kill wcw and now he's killing TNA with a buntch of other killers.
By Teddy 6 years ago
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