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    Buakaw vs Albert Kraus III


    door Kevin1813

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    BUAKAW dominated the 1st 2 rounds and he was the one who should have won during the first decision, so to say you motherfuckers and son of a bitch that kraus was robbed.
    try to understand first rules of K-1 WORLD MAX MIDDLE-WEIGHT ATHLETIC EXTREME before open you big mouth!
    ps: japanese judges are unfair! that's why they're having a bad reputation all over the world!
    Door Sbanchamek8 jaren geleden
    Kraus was robbed.
    Door phantomboi8 jaren geleden
    fuck you because i dont speak english.buakaw win!!!(or won i dont know)
    Door mokar128 jaren geleden
    I fallow BUAKAW and I like him very much, but he seems to be tired, and KRAUS must win this match ... Make me lie BUAKAW !!!
    Door FullSoulBoxer8 jaren geleden