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    {Rocket League} 2v2s with Andy vs Azul - What's Your Hidden Rank? (DocuTäge)

    Evans Nick

    by Evans Nick

    ☢Warning - Graphic and Vile Language and Psychological Nudity☢

    Year: 2016 - 365 Days of Consecutive Uploads #309

    Rocket League on Steam!

    Andy and I team up again and take on a kid named Azul. He was so salty after a couple games he had to call me out on my dormant steam profile. Jokes on him no one goes there! Anyway, game 1 started off with shit talk, ended with shit talk, lead to a rematch with shit talk and ended in instant karma and andy scoring. GG x2!

    Krawger sold his Stat trak Awp Corticera to buy me this epic gem of a game. I advised against it but his decision has proven itself....Extremely Effective!!! Rocket League has to be one of the most pleasurable(indubitably), relaxing(ask my heart), fast-paced(red bull) games ever made! Thanks Fam!

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    Florin Salam - Azi noapte m-am imbatat TRAP-EDM REMIX

    Music truly soothes the soul and I try my damnedest to find some of the best Audible Art on the Net! Some composers might be Widely Accomplished but others less well known have produced some epic remixes I'm sure will dazzle your senses. They did mine! Please click the links below and support the Artists!


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    Cool Guys Look at Explosions (⌐■_■)

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