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    7 YEARS

    Jacob Drake

    by Jacob Drake

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    7 years of making movies. We started off not knowing anything at all, then we didn't know much, and now we know a little more. It's a never ending learning process and it's the greatest job in the world even when we aren't making a dime. I get teased for being idealistic, sentimental, and cheesy at times... but if I weren't all three of those things, none of this footage would exist. It's not realistic to want to make a living at filmmaking without sacrificing your integrity or ideals, so you have to be a bit of a fool and an idealist to even try. Surround yourself with the right group of friends, check yourself once in a while to make sure you aren't becoming the sort of person you never wanted to be, and find your way. Some of us guys have been through some really hard stuff that has basically changed our views of the world… but we try our best to keep that naïve, optimistic outlook. I'm thrilled and thankful to have been a part of everything we’ve done and I have the best friends in the world.