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    Beach Walk 602R - Magic in the Mundane

    Beach Walks with Rox

    by Beach Walks with Rox

    Most all religions and also a big chunk of the new age movement imply or implore that we follow a strict regimen of behaviors in order to be happy, to have grace shine upon us, to get those parking spaces, and to live happily ever after. I don't buy it. I think happiness can be found by finding pleasure in the small things, the little mundane aspects of life that themselves are gems of pleasure. By focusing too much on the big things, or holding out happiness until [fill in the blank here], we miss the pleasures in the now. This is classic #2 vs #1 stuff. The #2 is only impressed by the new, the large, the grand. The #1 can learn to find contentment just about anywhere. For Lexi, every toss of her ball appears just as wonderful and compelling as the previous, or the next! P.S. This was originally aired as Episode #206. Hawaiian word: Hoʻokalakupua: magic