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    Crooning Radio DJ Becomes Heartthrob in Meet the Boyfriend

    Helmed by veteran Hollywood leading man Robert Paige, Meet the Boyfriend is a charming and funny romance featuring one of classic film’s best crooners. In this film, Paige is a hit radio heartthrob billed as “America’s Boyfriend.” In fact, he’s so popular with the young ladies that his boss takes out a titanic insurance policy if he should ever wed! Paige, nonplussed by all these show business restrictions, still flirts with disaster for his career by dating high profile ladies. Femme Fatale actress Gwili Andre is the first to come after Paige, but he refuses in order to seek romance with a common young girl. His plans are, however, dashed when the object of his affection is kidnapped! Meet the Boyfriend has genuine emotion and packs in plenty of laughs.