B&B Jan 2nd 2004 Part 1

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Brooke gives her wedding ring back to Ridge. Ridge is surprised and bitter that Stephanie has shown up but Brooke reveals that she was the one who asked Stephanie to bring Hope and some of her things. Brooke tells Ridge that they will find their way back to each other eventually. Brooke exits, leaving Ridge devastated. Bridget is helping Deacon with physical therapy but Deacon continues to get his hopes up that he and Bridget will be together. She remains professional and tells him their time is up for the session and exits. Oscar enters Deacon’s office with a wedding gown that Megan helped him pick out. Oscar remarks to Deacon that he is looking forward to when Deacon can walk so that Bridget can be done with him. Deacon then works alone on his physical therapy and takes a step on his own. Excited, he gets back in his wheelchair to share the news with Bridget. He approaches just in time to see Bridget in her wedding gown kissing Oscar. Deacon then vows to never give up on Bridget.