SmackDown.26.05.2006 - JBL Vs Bobby Lashley - US.Title

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SmackDown 26 05 2006 - John Bradshaw Layfield Vs Bobby Lashley - United States Championship

6 commentaires

Bobby lashley beat JBL like that because he had it like that!!!!!! *LOL*
Par Sammie Ward il y a 6 ans
vive the dominator
allé bobby
Par vafc59213 il y a 6 ans
awesome awesome
Par Garrett Leeper il y a 6 ans
Lashley is overrated

why the hell would you let him beat JBL(no.1 contender for world haevy weight title )in 2 mins !!
Par thebest392 il y a 6 ans
Par batistaker34 il y a 7 ans
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