Colleen's return 1

Sandy Didine
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Colleen revient chez elle après avoir fugué!! partie 1

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Aw don't worry about it. Take your time! I'm just happy you have some scenes.

And no, I don't get French but it's mostly the footage I'm after. I can always read what they say. lol It's what I do with 2004/2005 JT/Brittany scenes now too. ;)
Par easilyxdamaged il y a 6 ans
Thank you very much!! Yeah i've got a lot of stuff from 2000 and my fave couple is Billy and Mac!! I've got some from Brit and JT too i've to make the videos and it will take time to do it but i'll promise to post it when i can!! I'm glad you love my videos i really appreciate it!!But like you can see it's in French Language do you understand it?
Par Sandy Didine il y a 6 ans
Omg! I'm loving all these scenes you're posting. Please don't stop! You're my sole opportunity to get to see old scenes.

Do you happen to have any JT/Brittany? Since I see you have so much from 2000 with Billy/Mac, I figured I'd ask. JT/Brit is my OTP with BM. Both so freaking fantastic with their love/hate scenes. I'd be forever in your depth. <3
Par easilyxdamaged il y a 6 ans