B&B Nov 25th 2003 Part 1

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Eric grabs Bridget and tells her that she's never going to see Deacon again. Eric shoves Deacon against the dresser, shattering it, and sending Deacon's gun to the floor in the rubble. Eric is livid that Deacon would keep a gun with a child in the house, but Deacon insists that it's for protection and the drawer was locked. Eric admonishes Bridget for getting involved with Deacon again. Deacon orders Eric to get out. Eric waves the gun around, asking Deacon if he hasn't hurt their family enough. Deacon and Eric struggle for the gun, and it goes off. Brooke doesn't look forward to disappointing Stephanie, but is convinced that her only choice is to confess to her the truth. Ridge promises to be at Brooke's side when she does. Stephanie acknowledges that Ridge and Brooke love each other and assures Samantha that nothing will alienate her from the two of them again. Brooke explains to Stephanie that there's something she needs to know about the night she went back to the foundry. She recounts the whole story, and admits that she reached out for Nick in a way that she shouldn't have. Stephanie is filled with compassion until the implications of what Brooke is saying start to dawn on her. Darla tries to defend Deacon, wondering why no one will give Deacon a chance when she was given one. Thorne points out that Darla is carrying the heir to the Forrester throne. Thorne asks Darla to move in with him.

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;loool Fantastic Thank you
By alisha3ws 4 years ago