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    China Working Conditions


    by enviroterrorist

    I hear how wonderful China is in the media. How all their construction projects they have going on show their economic might. But they do it at the expense of their people. I got an email with these pictures. Because it was in an email, it must be true, right?

    For an example of disgusting praise of China and Communism, see the following article from Popular Science:

    He acknowledges they have issues, but then at the end says:

    "China's top-down, authoritarian development model-an unyielding machine greatly more efficient than that of a messy democracy-could apply to ecological as well as economic progress. In the center of the former most polluted city in the world, it was evident that if China wills it, it has the power to impose environmentalism by fiat, to green the entire country at five times the speed the West ever could. All the rest of the world has to do is wait."