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    Explore People - James With

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

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    James With has acted in many diverse parts, as he has worked his way up to stardom. He was in The Phantom with Billy Zane and
    Katherine Zeta Jones. Been a British Fighter Pilot trying to save mankind in Independence Day with Will Smith. And now Sylvester
    Stalone has blown him to bits in Rambo 4. Explore People talked with this talented and versitle actor to find out what is next on
    the horizon for this Aussie Son. Tune in and find out about our Goodie Giveaway and find out what unique and surprising giveaway
    that James With brings, exclusively, to Explore viewers.

    Al Caudullo and Explore People will introduce you to the most facinating and interesting people from around the world. We will open your world to things that you have never even dreamed. So as always,
    Let Explore Take You...