TOOL Three Wings (10 000 Days secret track mix)


par AleksMCS

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you certainly know that 10 000 days have a "secret track" : play viginti tres+ wings for marie and 10 000 days at the same time...
but it sound like a real mess... I worked on it, reversed some part, erased other and a lot more... here the result!! give a listen, it sound great!! let me know what you think about

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hey, how are yu ? hi from Croatia !!
this is amasing work, you made it all right !!!!! i like the ending, and am glad that Maynard's voice don't overlap, it is better to hear how he talks like this, with some lag, and to understand the emotions better .... am happy that i have found this video of yours, and the work you did is worth it !! : )))

be good, peace
Par onemilx il y a 6 ans
well done :)
Par Julien089 il y a 7 ans

It will help you about the possibilities with
that amazing band! (my favourite one)

And cheers mate
to sharing your mix!
Tool is a "tool" of openmindedness.
So, you're right.
Par ben-thoven il y a 7 ans
Cool AleksMCS jamais eu le courage de faire ce montage dont on m'avait parlé :) Tres tres bon le rendu je m'en lasse pas ;)
Par CouZinZub il y a 7 ans
this is my own mix of the 10000 days "secret track" I think there is many other possibility with these song...
however this one sound great! listen it with headphones to enhance the feeling!!
Monkey Circus School_Aleks
Par AleksMCS il y a 7 ans