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    Road racers et V four victory (the)


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    "Two All-Time Classic Road Racing Films THE ROAD RACERS

    From the crackle of racing engines at full power during ""unofficial practice"", to the spectacular riders-eye-view of racing on roads barely wide-enough to take a car - this is the real thing! Academy award-winning producer David Wallace skilfully documents a hectic Irish season and takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of road racers Frank Kennedy, Mervyn Robinson and Joey Dunlop.


    In 1983 Joey Dunlop and the Honda V4 were F1 World Champions and almost untouchable on closed public road circuits. This film is a wonderful tribute to the fearless skill of Joey and the cameras capture him in action at the TT and on the mighty Dundrod circuit at the Ulster GP. Unmissable race action is followed by some of the most stunning on-bike footage ever recorded as ""Himself"" takes you on a blast round the TT course - an experience you'll want to relive again and again.
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