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    by 305KEEPITLIVE

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    Rich Mundo
    The beat okay, but the Flow Opposite of Weak, So tell them Mexicans keep that wei shit, We Be with Real Colombians, knowing they still Owing, Been down In Boliva before the tootsie roll, Get cross to Peru, then tell yall make it do what it do, U just see the mango and cocos, we don't know nothing bout that butter roll, Yall Butterscotch, Hop Scotch, Got the Residue that Trick Threw Out in Decatur, I didn't know they was eating off that, Whole Club SHut Down, Hadn't Forgot the Ol Roy Sacks, Nick for Nick, Yall Nickeledeon Like Sponge Bob, Get a real Job, I still check for the Hard, No Matter the Age, Be forever Young Like Mr. Hudson with no Sons or Daughters, Went on Maury 200 x's did the dirty bird dance on all them hoes, Boy I be the best yall suffer and get the lest, Fuck the vest, I gotta get it off my chest, put it on ya mind, wasting who time, I can't wait for a stimulus, So I get on that Trick Daddy, No Warbucks, Just Star and Street Bucks, Thats Street Cofee, Wake Up, Not Juan V
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago