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    In Search of Anake-Histh

    In Search of the Demon Anake-Histh

    Its a historical recorded fact that in the
    late 1940s and 1950s dashing Johnny
    McAuliffe was the criminal mastermind
    behind many of Ontario's bank robberies.
    Then in 1951 he pulled one last heist and
    robbed the Imperial Bank in Langton.He
    made off with $60,000 in silver coin and raced
    into the dark woods of Houghton Twp.Seven
    days later,after a fruitless manhunt for the
    bank robber,local police were startled when
    a dishevilled Johnny staggered into the
    Kinglake station,obviously driven insane by
    something which had driven his glossy
    black hair white within a week.Locals say
    Johnny had stumbled upon the lair of a
    giant massassuaga rattler the natives refer
    in hushed tones to as Anake-Histh.
    The "In Search of"team goes to Kinglake in
    search of this terrifying venomous beast .