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Codename "Holy War" Dev Video 1

Nadjib B

par Nadjib B

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It's our first game demo for our video game project (codenamed "Holy War"). It's an FPS/RTS game which has the main theme of the Crusades (2nd till 5th). This video shows basic gameplay/AI in a dual between the player and an AI controlled opponent. Hope you enjoy it! Critics/Ideas are welcome!

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I said a maximum range! and to be the first one who posted a comment about the game on Dailymotion, we'll offer it for you for free :). Thank you!

Par Nadjib B Il y a 7 ans
Cool! But 15 USD isn't a small amount for me though. :P Considering the currency exchange. Anyway, good luck!
Par Jason Jumpen Il y a 7 ans
Thanks Strafe95. Project is still under dev. We are HOPING that we can release it by end of this year. Things are going fast and well, and if we continue like that we can release it before 2009 :). Yeah it'll be available by download (probably only!). For the price, it should be between 0 and a small price... something like 15USD at a maximum range.
Par Nadjib B Il y a 7 ans
cool! Will this be out anytime soon? Can we download this if it is out? It looks very good considering it is a project in dev.
Par Jason Jumpen Il y a 7 ans