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    Per Gessle - Jag Tror du Bär På en Stor Hemlighet


    by Steve

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    Per Gessle performs "Jag Tror du Bär På en Stor Hemlighet" (English: "I Think You Carry A Big Secret") on 6 August 2003 in Göteborg before an audience of 22,000.

    Per’s amazing band includes: Helena Josefsson (backing vocals - playing cowbell here, too), Christoffer Lundquist (guitars & backing vocals), Jonas Isacsson (guitars), Jens Jansson (drums), Anders Herrlin (bass guitar) and Clarence Öfwerman (keyboards).

    Per Gessle is the brilliant musical force who makes up half of the duo Roxette (with Marie Fredriksson). He is also a member of Gyllene Tider, one of the most the successful rock groups ever in Sweden. Per Gessle has made four albums now in Christoffer's studio in rural Sweden called The Aerosol Grey Machine. This studio is equipped with lots of vintage analog equipment and two live echo-chambers - the results have been magical: Mazarin (2003), Son of a Plumber (2005), En Händig Man (2007) and Party Crasher (2008).