Mackenzie et Katherine-Les feux de l'amour

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par Nikos1407

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Mac dit à sa grand mère qu'elle ne veut pas rester au manoir Chancellor avec Jill car l'ambiance est électrique.Puis elle conseille à Katherine de quitter le manoir et d'emménager ailleurs pour vivre plus sereinement.

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Hi, I will try to put more classic video in few days .
In this scene, Mac tells to her grandmother she don't want live in the Chancellor mansion with Jill.Later,she advices Kay to leave her house because she won't live peacefully with Jill but Kay want to stay in this mansion where she lived with Phillip his ex husband.
Sorry for my bad english
Par Nikos1407 il y a 7 ans
Oh thank you so much for this. :D Please post more. I don't understand French but anything with MacKenzie, Billy, Raul, Brittany, JT = love. I'll be forever grateful if you have more from the high school days. Nobody actually have any, esp Billy/Mac and Brittany/JT, whom were always my favorite pairings on the show. =(
Par easilyxdamaged il y a 7 ans