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    président de rasd Mohamed Abdelaziz

    zineddine al saad

    by zineddine al saad

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    zineddine1986 hahahahaha le con: né au Maroc ca ne veut pas dire qu'il est marocain. né a Marseille ca ne veut pas dire qu'il est francais??!!!!! le bete le menteur toi même tu es marocain hmar kelb!!!
    By Billy6 years ago
    jack adam
    Go wash your mouth, you fealty pig
    By jack adam7 years ago
    This guy is born and raised and educated in Morocco!! Algeria is using him to create a puppet state against Morocco. Made by Algeria.
    By brahim21167 years ago
    A Sahrawi can be a Moroccan or not if he or she chooses to, but Western Sahara is Moroccan just as the large Algerian Sahara is Algerian. France made Algeria big and Algeria wants to make Morocco smaller. Western Sahara is an Algerian made conflict, without it, it would have never existed.
    By brahim21167 years ago
    ce mec est né a marrakech ,, et il veut se séparer... il est il parle du sahara,,, pour faire sa propre loi et gagné c qu 'il n'a pas pu gagné au maroc....
    By CHOUSTIROU7 years ago
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