Action Superhero Film: Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome DVD (1947)

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An amazing Dick Tracy adventure! Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome is an absorbing cinematic experience thanks to Boris Karloff, most famous for his powerful portrayal of Frankenstein. In this film, Dick Tracy is played by the more than able Ralph Byrd who soars as the stern and clever detective created by Chester Gould. The story revolves around insidious bank robbers who utilize a paralyzing gas to asphyxiate everyone present, leaving no witnesses. In order to crack the case, Tracy is helped along by his sweetie Tess Trueheart, played by the classically gorgeous Anne Gwynne. But the true star of the film is Karloff, whose monstrous performance as lead villain Gruesome steals every scene. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome is top notch 1940’s detective fun.

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