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Today we thought we'd give you a glimpse into how a cartoon is made with Van Beuren's 1930 classic Makin' Em Move. (aka: In A Cartoon Studio). This was directed by Harry Bailey and John Foster and features a cast of Animating Animals. Exactly, like making a cartoon in real life. We are very happy you guys are diggin' the Oldie's we're showing. We wanted to share some of the coolest Viewer Comments with y'all. You could be one of them! bluellama23: OMG i love this, i have this on VCR!! binixx: I am 19 and i love cartoons :D!!! i will love them all my life!!! even when i'll be 70! Jeanorules: i love these! thank you frederator! YOU MAKE MY DAY BRIGHTER!!!!!! Keep on tuning into our Vintage Awesomeness, subscribe, and don't forget to tell a pal!

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