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    Bosnia Sniper Fire Finds Wright & Obama: Hillary Diversion?


    by globalEyeNews

    While the credibility noose grows tighter around the Clinton campaign concerning Hillary's embelished account of a sniper fire welcome she supposedly received at the Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia in 1996, she takes aim at Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama.

    In what many critics regard as a diversion tactic, she publicly condemns Obama for his choice of pastors, saying, "he would not have been my pastor". Her comments were in response to Obama's statement that he could "no more disown him (Wright) than disown his white grandmother".

    In what, at least, gave the appearance of an attempt to pivot attention from her Bosnia sniper gaff, Hillary took aim at Obama's white grandmother statement by saying, "we have no choice when it comes to our relatives...we have a choice when it comes to our pastors".

    As controversy continues to plague the Democratic Party's efforts to hold their ground in the arena of public opinion, the recent war of words and questionable campaign strategies are serving only to see their lead over McCain slip away.