Gucci Mane - 3rd QTR


by FresHipHop

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If the only threat A dude thats a man, u know like atom, ooops i meant adam, say all he gone do is out think me, I get offended, then I put him on payroll, I need Killers like that, matter of fact u own ya own, just no im on, So if you aint sharing bread, then im breaking it, breaking the whole system that got you blitzing, no Receivers, just forward moves, kinda like Beckham, how he get so payed, cause I got so played, when I really wanted to pay, its Not Okay, but have a nice day, Let ya mamma enjoy dope money, without her knowing its dope money, so Pull ya pants up, get removable Golds, because she want u to go to church, and ya nephew bout to graduate from Yale, Oh im sorry, Im telling the truth of my life, yall boys do you, Ill Holler when my whip game tight, but know Im riding what??? SO i got the tight face, with no grip, just knowing I dont do the eating lips, I need a Whopper from the king, Just so I can throw it away, Then go get a double fish filet, Yall just Dollars, ONE
By Rich Mundo 7 years ago