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    Kristen Bell ; Men of her life - Iris


    par Mlle-D-Winchester

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    The video haven’t any plot. There are just the men of the life of a character which I create for a RPG.

    The main character is Aubree Sanders. {Kristen Bell}

    Casting :
    Hugh Laurie (Greg House) » Anthony Sanders
    Teddy Dunn (Duncan Kane) » Timothy Prayer
    Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) » Nathan Philips
    Ian Somerhalder (Boone Carlyle) » Daley Kempster
    Santiago Cabrera (Isaac Mendez) » Elias Samuels
    Zachary Quinto (Sylar) » Malcom Kane

    {Anthony} – He is her Dad. He raised her alone.
    {Timothy & Nathan} – They are her best friends, since the childhood.
    {Daley} – He is her boyfriend since maybe 8 months.
    {Elias} – He is her ex boyfriend.
    {Malcom} – She goes to university with him and they are good friends, until he became evil. But in the video, it’s the good guys, not the bad.

    ++ We see Milo Ventimiglia at the end of the video. He’s Gabriel, the best friend of the sister of Aubree

    Music :
    Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

    I don’t own anything. The series goes to their producers.