Exit Realty


by justice-person

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See if there are some similiarities.

I truly believe there is relativity in old things.

so let's look through these eyes and see what we see.

The iron. Needs a constant supply of iron.

You need a constant supply of listings, dont you? Absolutely.

That's one consideration to create a career, is a constant source of listing leads.

Well a blacksmith needs a constant source of iron. Tongs to hold the iron and an anvil.

You'll notice by the shape of the anvil, and anvils will range between 125, 175lbs normally. This particular one is

It's designed in a certain way to take impact.

It's made out of iron, part of it is casts, part of it is tool steel.

And then the hammer. The hammer, the fire , the hand, the hammer, the anvil , the steel and the tongs.

There is also something else, the water. Sometimes it was oil.

But to temper the steel properly, to build it to strength,

To do it just right, we got to take it from a temperature and put it into cold water.

Cold water, in your life, could be emotional rejection, couldn't it?

Do you ever get the cold water treatment? Aha!

So what we've got, is a combination of steel, and ability to hold the steel, a hammer and the hammer could be a ballpin hammer

, it could be a sledge hammer. Comes in different shapes and sizes.

You noticed anybody that uses a hammer, that knows about hammers, holds it at the end to get the leverage.

You need leverage, dont ya? You need leverage. What's leverage in the real estate business?

Other people's energy, other people's money.

Aha! that's what residuals are all aboot.