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Crash Bandicoot 3 Easter Eggs and Secret Ending


by Envisioned

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(ha ho Very great Thank you
By eleanorz2v 5 years ago
Well, this has been an awesome playthrough. All that's left now is the platinum relic collecting.

"Riiiiidge Racer!" Ha.

Wait, Masayuki Mizuno? Any relation to Ami Mizuno a.k.a Sailor Mercury? *shot* (Yes, I like Sailor Moon, so what?)
By crash_bandicoot_rocks 5 years ago
People, I love Crash anyway, so there! :-P
You might laugh to Dr Cortex falling into the hole.
But, I did anyway.
By Elisabeth Renee Nath 6 years ago
I believe the last % comes from getting all gold relics.
By Envisioned 7 years ago
i don't understand how to get the last % i have found all 3 false crash but i didn't get 105%
By joffrey3 7 years ago
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