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    The Tudors S2 Beginning Credit Générique


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    "You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning."
    "Prepare for Reign."
    "It's Good to Be King."
    "Obsession can change the world."
    "King takes Queen"

    This costume drama features England's splendid Renaissance dynasty, starting in season 1 with the part of king Henry VIII's reign when cardinal Wolsey rose to become the power behind his throne, ruled ruthlessly and almost absolutely but highly efficiently while Henry generally follows his advice and that of Thomas Morus in diplomatic and religious matters but soon gets obsessed with the desire for a male heir which his loving Habsburg queen Catharine of Aragon cannot give him, hence comes under the spell of femme fatale Anne Boleyn who plays harder to get then any other mistress; when both want a marriage, Henry first needs a divorce, but Wolsey's promises to help him to one with Rome's blessing prove a terrible Calvary, complicating the diplomatic power game, trying to play France against the Habsburg dynasty's Holy Roman Empire annex Spain and its overseas empire. Against this background gyrate the private lives and political intrigues of several members of the royal court and chancery, such as Henry's friend and his sister Margareth's true love Charles Brandon, the Habsburg ambassadors, greedy and power-hungry schemers, their incidental victims and composer Thomas Tallis...

    La vie très tourmentée du jeune Henry VIII lors de son début de règne au 16ème siècle en Angleterre ! De ses relations tumultueuses avec les femmes à ses alliances politiques...

    2006 - ??? (2 season)

    Directed by : Michael Hirst
    With : Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sam Neill, Callum Blue, Henry Cavill, Henry Czerny, Natalie Dormer, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Nick Dunning, Jeremy Northam, and Peter O'toole...

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