Shameless Episode 14 Preview

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After Mandy gets arrested for suspected drug running she forms the most unlikely of friendships and finds herself helping Tom search for his real mother. The friendship, however, soon becomes something deeper for Mandy and with the help of Ian, she sets out to win Tom’s heart. But do Tom’s affections lie elsewhere?

Mimi’s short fuse gets the better of her when she harms her favourite son, Micky. Desperate to reign in her temper she attends anger management courses and gradually evolves as a new, sensitive woman – and responsible drug dealer. Seeing his business going down the pan, Patrick despairs and knows he has to get his old Mimi back or they’ll go bankrupt.

In an attempt to impress a new girlfriend, Carl enlists Karen as his personal sex counsellor, but is he getting help or getting off..?


Belle Video heh :)) ,
By loveelybabi919 4 years ago
It's no secret that you're awesome. chat with me! ^-^
By cheezgirl 4 years ago
Paddy Mcguire is a legend... To bad the maguire empire is crumbling .. Micky is a funny guy
By Shameless_mad 5 years ago