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    The Dream - I Love Your Girl ( brand new 2008 )


    par chinoir509

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    Par cherish23Il y a 7 ans
    Baby D
    Me and lil shorty in the back (back), talkin' bout dis(diss),
    talkin' bout dat(dat),
    Got her on patron, she actin' all bad,
    Girl chose me, Don't be mad.
    Kelly told y'all don't bring 'em in the club,
    The way she rock that, got the boy in love,
    And I pray that y'all ain't serious, cause seriously
    shes on my dick.
    Par Baby DIl y a 7 ans
    Baby D
    Lil' mama so hood, (I love your girl)
    Lil' mama stay fly (I love your girl)
    Wife beater with the denim (Ilove your girl)
    She keeps them heels on high, (I love your girl)
    Man look at shorty roll, (I love your girl)
    Man, look at shorty goo oh oh ooooh, (I love your girl)
    (I'm sorry i got it in for your wild girlfriend)
    Par Baby DIl y a 7 ans
    Baby D
    Now she runnin' Fingers through her hair, he tryin
    ta call her over there but she like, Fuck!
    that nigga!
    she dropit down to the floor, I'm like shawty you
    should go, and she like Fuck! that nigga!
    call it in 'ENVY", I want her on me, all up in my head,
    now she in my bed,
    Par Baby DIl y a 7 ans
    Baby D
    Oh I,II...EHHH...OH I,II...EHHH...OH I,II...EHHH...OH I,II

    The American Dream...ehhh
    Par Baby DIl y a 7 ans
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