Hillsong - If your down your out

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Has Hillsong become Scientologists?
In an article:
"You Can Be Depression-Free"
Hillsong stated:
"Depression stems from an underlying root of unbelief in God's care, His goodness, His faithfulness, or even His ability to get you out of seemingly "impossible" situations."

"The bottom line is: depression is a supernatural spirit of destruction straight from the devil, and as such, needs to be treated like an enemy. We must take a strong stand against it and deny it any power in our lives."

These are the same people who take Government funding to fill vulnerable young peoples heads with this Scientology like rubbish.

This article was posted and removed as soon as public outrage started to grow.
it is documented here:


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1 Corinthians 7:6? really? sin is a human frailty. to not believe that god is bigger than your situations and let your body be harmed by that is not right (sin). know what yur talkin about next time. nice try though. saying that he comforts the depressed is just proof that he doesnt want it for us (just like sin). come on man. use yur head. dont just bash to bash.
By letsworshipizeit 5 years ago