Iraq - People needing People !!!

Tom Petersen

by Tom Petersen

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Warning: This Video contain graphic images that are not suitable for Children.
Viewing is recommended strictly for 'Mature Audiences Only' !!!

More than 4,000 brave young men and women have been killed in Iraq… and according to the Iraq Body Count website, more than 82,400 Iraqi Civilians have also been killed... with God knows how many being injured !

Unfortunately, it doesn't just end with the number of people who have been killed or injured... There are all the roadside bombs that have been buried... the babies being born with deformities arising from the use of Depleted Uranium in US Weaponry... and the increase in the number of Cancer cases resulting from those weapons. The People of Iraq will be counting casualties, long after the War has finished !!!

My prayers are with the People of Iraq... and with the brave young men and women of the Military who believe they are doing what their Country wants them to do. May God keep you all 'safe' !!!

To the Troops… I pray that you will neither kill nor be killed !
To the People of Iraq… Please be ‘Iraqis’ first and foremost. Cast your differences aside, and focus your attention on ‘what is best for the People of Iraq’.
Tolerance and Respect are vital in the Quest for Peace. Respect the right for people to be able to believe as they choose to believe. Endeavour to be ‘One People in one Nation’… and do what is in the best interest of the Iraqi People !
My prayers are with you… and may God help you attain the Peace and Dignity that you so rightfully deserve !!!