Ai7 Top10 Part2 J.Castro Syesha American idol


by igrecman

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Jasons facial expressions are so funny! He is kind of cute too. The way Paula says 'niche' is sooo annoying why doesnt she say it correctly lol or maybe its the American way I dont know. Not 100% sure about Syesha, good voice but maybe that song was a bit shouty and maybe slightly boring to be honest
By 1Krazie1 7 years ago
Jason's still very cute!!! :)
By Gifford125 7 years ago
good song choice for jason !!
and syesha is the best voice for the girls
By maritchoo 7 years ago
I love Jason's song but was very safe.Syesha was fantastic. Lol everybody born in 1987.
By vanzekin 7 years ago
i loved that performance from jason his best in my opinion
By saltidor 7 years ago
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