Burping Lady

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Elegant woman burping like a crazy!

5 comentarios

She would have difficulty burping with my cock in her mouth!
Por Will Yablome el septiembre
holy shit! you are such a liar!
i thought it seemed like you had never cut loose before, but hell you can belt one off with the best of em! xD
the only girl i know who can belch like that is my sister thanks to my own personal influence. guys find this appealing, we really do when a woman can feel comfortable enough in her own femininity to just say hell.. ABCDEFGHIii JKLMNOP..
Por bowelmotion2 hace 2 años
C'est beau ! C'est magnifique !
Por Clodulf hace 4 años
3rd one is the best
Por hiisiip hace 5 años
How in the world are U able 2 do that!!! Can U fart on command as well.......LOL. U are such a beautiful woman........One would never expect that U could burp like this. I don't find it offenasive as women have the ame bodily functions as men. Your husband/boyfriend/significant other is lucky 2 have such a beautiful and uninhibited woman. I am sure that U are a lot of fun 2 be with....never a dull moment. : ) Hope 2 see more videos from U.
Por prince_db hace 6 años