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    RED SONJA: Barack Obama's Warrior Princess



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    Dr. Susan E. Rice is currently on leave from the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, where she is a Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program. Her work at Brookings encompasses a wide range of issues related to U.S. foreign and national security policy. In 2004, Rice took a leave of absence from Brookings to serve as Senior Advisor for National Security Affairs on the Kerry-Edwards campaign. Rice served President Clinton as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1997-2001. From 1995-1997, Rice was Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council (NSC) and, from 1993-1995, was Director for International Organizations and Peacekeeping at the NSC. She is now an unpaid senior advisor on foreign policy to Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign...Rice appears frequently on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC news, NPR, The Lehrer News Hour, the BBC, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's television and radio programs. Rice received her B.A. in History with Honors from Stanford University and her M.Phil. and D.Phil. (Ph.D) degrees in International Relations from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. She lives in Washington, DC.