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    FARRAKHAN: Beethoven Violin Concerto/D Major



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    Minister Louis Farrakhan rehearses for his 13 February 2002 performance of the Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major at the Cerritos Centre for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. Conducting the orchestral ensemble was Maestro David Warble (Principal Guest Conductor for the Long Island Philharmonic, conductor emeritus of the Disney-Grammy Symphony Orchestra, Founding Music Director of the California Wind Orchestra, Music Director of the Orange County Symphony, and conductor for Broadway star, Betty Buckley). In June of 2001, Mr. Warble conducted the London Symphony Orchestra in a recording session of Johan de Meija Symphony No. 1, "The Lord of the Rings," at the famed Abbey Road studios in London. Farrakhan was coached for the performance by Ayke Agus ~ the constant companion, personal and class accompanist and advisor to the most celebrated violinist of the 20th century (and one of Farrakhan’s artistic heroes), Jascha Heifetz. From the opening peremptory timpani strikes of the first movement through to the rondo finale, Farrakhan delivered yet another bravura performance which defied his critics, overturned assumptions and marked the emergence of “Farrakhan/Classical Violinist” as a more revolutionary, subversive and transcendent figure than “Farrakhan/Black Nationalist Muslim” has ever dared to be.