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    The Pussycat Dolls ft. Avant - Stickwitu (Live)

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    Mmm... C'mon

    [ Verse 1 - PCD ]
    I don't wanna go another day,
    So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind.
    Seems like everybody's breakin' up,
    They're throwin' their love away.
    But I know I got a good thing right here,
    That's why I say...hey

    [ Chorus - PCD w/Avant ]
    Nobody gon love me better … I'ma stickwitu forever
    Nobody gon take me higher … I'ma stickwitu
    You know how to appreciate me
    I'ma stickwitu, my baby
    Nobody ever made me feel this way,
    I'ma stickwitu

    [ Verse 2 - Avant ]
    Through everything goin on
    We're right here holdin on … To one another.
    The reason why I love you, Ya charm and personality
    I love your sensitivity.
    Hmm let me take a second, cuz I'll be your love & essence.
    Only, Wanna hear your voice speak,
    When I feel your body heat, Love every minute of it.
    You're like the fresh air, when it feels like no one cares
    That's why I say...

    [ Chorus - PCD (w/Avant) ]
    REF.: Nobody gon love me better …

    [ Bridge - PCD (w/Avant) ]
    And now,
    Ain't nothin else I could need (nothin' else I could need)
    And I'm, singin 'cuz you're still so into me
    I got you, we'll be making love endlessly
    I'm with you (Baby I'm witchu),
    Baby you're with me (Baby you're with me)

    So don't you worry about … People hanging around,
    They ain't bringing us down

    [ Avant ]
    Baby talk to me
    'cuz all I'm here to say is
    I'll be right here for forever and a day, hey

    [ Chorus - PCD (w/Avant) ]
    REF.: Nobody gon love me better …