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    Singapore Science Centre (Part 1 )


    by focussingaporevideo

    Singapore Science Centre, inaugurated in the year 1977, is a great science museum that not only fascinates children, but also enlightens and educates those teenagers and adults, who have not ceased to learn. But above all, it entertains across all age groups. More than six hundred exhibits in around 7 themed galleries provide captivating insights into the world of life sciences and physical sciences.

    Some of the interesting things that one can do in this science centre include viewing the world from the insect’s eyes, pass through the biological system of man, and learn to write in Braille. Another important attraction of the centre is the Aviation Gallery that shows basic principles of aerodynamics and the history of flight in very interesting ways. The themed galleries on aviation, environment and biotechnology are must visits. Succinctly, these and many more exciting things can be enjoyed in this science centre of Singapore.

    An important tourist site in Singapore, this science centre is one of the more frequented places in Singapore. It was constructed with the objective of promoting interest, education and creativity in science and technology, through imaginative and enjoyable exposures, and thereby contributing to the nation’s human resource. One should go to this centre with ample amount of time in hand, for attractions are many and varied. There are 850 exhibits, and if you want to see all of them, revisits may be necessary.