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    Seoul 1988 Closing Ceremony- The Barcelona 1992 Presentation


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    From the southern gate, 30 members of the Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theater enter the stadium as do 30 members of the Barcelona Dance Troupe from the northern gate. The Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theater performs the Changgo Dance, a drum dance driven by the beat of the Changgo, a double-barrelled drum which is slung over the dancer's shoulder and played with two bamboo sticks.

    The Barcelona Dance Troupe will perform the Sardana dance of Spain's Catalonia region. Anyone can perform this popular dance and there is no limit to the number that can participate. A circle dance, the Sardana permits dancers to join and drop out whenever they wish, much like Korea's Kangkangsuwolle, a circle dance performed by farm girls on the full moon of the first and eighth lunar months.

    The music for this portion has been divided into several sections: the driving beat of the Korean drum is followed by graceful melody adopted from a traditional Korean folk song during the Changgo Dance, and the dance performances of the korean and Spanish troupes are accompanied by an arrangement which blends the cultural flavour of Spain's Sardana with Korea's Changgo.