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    The microphone Philips is wearing looks like a crucifix!

    So, reciting something or other ONE HUNDRED TIMES A DAY is like freeing ten slaves. Well, that has a lot of relevance to modern life, doesn't it? The problems is that if we're all going to recite this rigmarole then this would mean learning Arabic. Who wants to do that?

    'Inhale water three times and blow it out because Satan inhabits the upper part of the body' What?

    Sorry, mate, but I don't intend removing pictures from my home, even if they are pictures of people.

    Oh my God! Human beings live with dogs! As usual, Philips focuses on the very unusual as if it were normal. Very few people indeed leave wealth to their dogs when they die. Only eccentrics.

    Christ, this does go on - isn't he ever going to finish?

    Par lilaspastiaIl y a 7 ans