wcw monday nitro 01.17.2000 Part 2


by tom

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WCW nitro 17th january

Billy Kidman vs Psichosis
Big T vs Booker T
Vampiro vs Disco Inferno
David Flair and Crowbar, vs Shane Helms and Shannon Moore
Tank Abbott vs The Maestro in a shoot fight rules match
Masahiro Chono and Super J vs Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda
Sid Vicious vs The Wall
Lex Luger vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Diamond Dallas Page vs Buff Bagwell.

any questions or if you want to chat add me on skype my username is: supercell2


I NEVER missed a night of Nitro, It was my all time Favorite! Thanks for sharing Bigman.
By Shannonrex 6 years ago
to timothy34, the new blood was great. a great faction and a great gimmick.
By Matt 7 years ago
And how can you not love Bobby Heenan.
By David_Puddy1 7 years ago
I have to say I still love Daffney. Also 3 count was awsome at that time great gimmick.
By 9id 7 years ago
I miss wcw. 2000. espically the new blood.
By timothy34 7 years ago
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