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    Classic Old Time Monster Movies: The Killer Shrews on DVD

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    Possibly the greatest 1950s monster movie ever made, The Killer Shrews is a cornucopia of ridiculous costumes, effects, and a little Miss Universe thrown in for good measure! The murderous shrews at the heart of the film are dogs in absurd rubber masks, along with polka-dot stockings and papier-mache. James Best, of Gunsmoke fame, stars along with 1957’s Miss Universe Ingrid Goude. But for all the garbage, the movie is still a blast to follow as the heroes combat vicious monsters at every turn. The poor people are trapped on a small island, which provides a nicely claustrophobic feel to the shoot’em up proceedings. Delightfully awful, The Killer Shrews is not to be missed by any true fan of classic cinema.