Harry Langdon, One of the Best Comedians of All Time

On par with the greatest comic actors of his time, Harry Langdon brings his comedic genius to the riotous Misbehaving Husbands. Langdon was every bit as popular as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, but he differentiated himself by a completely different form of comedy than the usual slapstick and sight gags. Langdon didn’t play a fool, but a wide-eyed innocent who was also a superb pantomime. Here Langdon stars as Henry Butler, a store owner whose life is going down the drain. In order to save his store, or his wife, or his life, Langdon continually comes up with ludicrous and hilarious solutions to his bizarre problems. Happening later in his career, so not a silent film, Langdon also shows off some fine acting ability. Misbehaving Husbands is an energetic comedy that showcases Langdon’s spectacular talents.