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    Wild West Feuds Erupt in Marked for Murder!

    A vicious range war is about to breakout between the sheepherders and the cattle ranchers! In Marked for Murder, only the heroic Texas Rangers can set things to rights. The film is filled with everything a Western should be: prairies, canyons, cowboys, guns, murderous outlaws, and beautiful damsels. There’s even some fine country western guitar and singing thrown in for good measure! When the rangers, lead by Charles King, go to settle the matter between the ranchers and herders something’s not quite right. It seems that neither side can agree on who started the feud. The Rangers then get tricked by a clever decoy that keeps them busy long enough for the real criminals to sneak into town and cause more trouble, with both each side blaming the other side. It’ll take shooting, smarts, and cowboy grit to clear it all up, and that’s exactly what the Texas Rangers have in spades in Marked for Murder.